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"Dear Fred, I am the exhibition Art Fair London"


Dear Fred,

I am the exhibition manager for ... Art Fair,
which now attracts between 15,000-16,000 visitors.
Would you like to exhibit at the next edition this July? 

The fair takes place at ... on the fashionable
... in London July. There are usually over 
210 makers from 30 countries. I have included the AF movie 
so you can get a feel for it (see if you can spot a Rolling Stones member...):

You can find further information about exhibition spaces and rates on 
drop down menus on the application form. You can also ship work. 

July 2016 application: ...

Do get in touch if you have further questions. There is a Facebook and Twitter 
group you might like to join.


Thanks for your time and I look forward to viewing examples
of your work.

The deadline for applications is 2016.


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