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"An interview with Vice Fred van der Wal (Part 1)"






(Explained and expanded in the Dutch version by Fred van der Wal May 2013 on the OBA website)


(PART 1) Vice Magazine, February 2011


Vice Magazine, February 2011



Editorial Vice: Investigative New Journalist Tieme Hermans told us a while back about Fred van der Wal, "one of the best draughtsmen in the Netherlands, full contact karate fighter, and someone who already blog hosting quarreling throughout art-loving  Hollkand and Burgundy.


"Bring us ASAP (as soon as possible) an interview with the man in the Bourgogne, Tieme, and we’ll pay ya a lot o money" we said to Tieme. And he brought it.


Here it is, laced with Fred's drawings and paintings.


Vice: When people are looking with Google at you, they will soon visit spicy weblogs about art, sadomasochism, litterature, history, martial arts and religion.


Fred van der Wal: Yes, I’m in the centre of artistic jealousy and I like it,  there have been many conflicts in recent years, sometimes quite running high among other Volkskrantblog authors, photographers and painters. Some authors and painters said they would kill me if the got a possibilty somewhere in a dark alley. I was once suspended for a few days from the Volkskrant journal, a leading left wing journal.

A number of people-academics-has been trying to harm me. They did not succeed because I’m a genius and a genius always finds a way out of an impossible situation, but the atmosphere is  from 1964 very anti-Fred van der Wal.

I don’t give a damn. Let’s have a party. They can basically say anything to me and accuse me of everything. Put one finger in your (or my) ass and the other in your (or my) nose and after twenty minutes change. That’s rality in art, ya know. You’ll like it!

 I don’t care if the sun doesn’t shine when you are with me baby I always sing loud and clear. If they come up with arguments, fine, if they won’t;who cares.

 Not only academics but also artists like opportunists R. B. and faker Bobby Krulzool have tried to harm me in many ways. Practice proves that they stop when they realize that they have no success at all. Their resentment is the fuel that my engine does run. I'm going through all barriers.


And if there is ever a time someone says  'your wife is a whore' comes along ..?


Every woman is a whore. I don't give a damn about it. A beautifull wife has been always the property of many men. I have always insisted that we should keep laid back as it can easily run high, these conflicts. There is again someone who provokes a conflict with me. A certain X, which dealt with my oldest daughter. Who cares for a fucking bag of crap. That's going too far. He is a drunk and lost his job. It will shortly be again, so do not worry. I did several years karate, judo and jiu jitsu. I visit 4 times a week a body building artstudio. If they wanna fight, those weaklings and holyshitcatpisssonofabitchmotherfuckers without balls that’s all right. But don’t complain when you loose your teeth and can walk like an Egyptian criple. I like the struggle. I’m not afraid to kill or damage people. I like guns and knives. Let’s have a party. I really am Dr. Death in Art.


Fred van der Wal: Meanwhile the quarrel with my enemies among artists is heavy but I t put in the meantime the bottles on the table and dance . I really am the Song and Dance Man. Without any reason that Sir X. Who I only met once in Leeuwarden for an hour of two who accused me weeks later of incest from resentment that his relationship with my oldest daughter went to nothing. It wanted to go to the police of  he continued his.... it is all or nothing. The police declaration form I had already downloaded. Let’s have some fun. May he rotten in jail or get Aids.


So what is the source of all that conflict with yours?


Many artists love just too much of pals pet. You collect a bunch of friend if you are a smooth talker and only tell little white lies. Blak projects. Then if you are completely uncritically to each other, drink even a glass of wiskey. I think that is in fact not a good thing. Most artist in Holland and the Bourgogne are very jealous of me, bacause I am a Winner and not a loser. I don’t have any friends among artists. I’m not interested in painters. Not at all. If someone dislikes me I don’t give a damn. Most artist are creeps, losers, full of shit.


In the town of Amsterdam your period you still made a part of a particular Undeground scene?


Gallery Mokum was an Outsider gallery in the 60s. Realistic painters got no grant or commis sions and were not accepted by the museums and other artists. I have been very poor the first years in Amsterdam. The realism in art was simply not accepted by the art critics, the subsidized abstract painting artists and museums. It is not that we realist painters rejected modern art, no, not at all: the modern abstract or expressionist artists, members of a clique rejected us and we were nowhere to be eligible. All those things together grow a certain mentality. Fred van der Wal is a tough guy, you know.

Is that elitist? Great art is always elitist.


The battle that actually goes further then played on the Internet.


I think that it has indeed formed yes. That atmosphere of resistance.


Art that does n’t act like revolution and opposition is middle of the road art. In the north of the country, I am not accepted as an artist. So I mean the clique Helmantel and his advertising agent Hans van Seventer, an inhabitant of Groningen, from the small village of South Horn. No quality at all. The losers.


 In you also what resistance is concerned?


That is clear. But I prefer it a little fun. I like drinking, sex bizzarre, art, litterature, beautifull women, photography, writing my books, this year nine(!) books published.  I don’t have many French friends but some Dutch living in Burgundy, I laugh about a failed fake painter as Marijn Moree, who claims to be an architect. He is not. . A busy balding fat muttering man. That man is full of shit. May he rotten in hell and fuck the shit outta his pencils, that egg head.









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