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"tekst bij komende fototentoonstelling 40 fotos Franrkijk"

Fred van der Wal


artist / author / photographer


Motto: I paint realistic without looking back to the Old Masters, past or academism. I create with traditional means as pen, pencil and brush a modern world on paper and canvas.


Born in Renkum 1942 family trip in August 1944 just before the house at Operation Market Garden is flat shot, to Amsterdam, followed Nicolaas Maes School in Amsterdam, Vossius Gymnasium, Amsterdam, 1956 moved to villa near Heemstede, went through the Da Costa training college, refused military service, was put out of his grandparents' house because he wanted to be a painter, moved to Amsterdam in 1967, got the BKR Government Grant 1968-1977, exhibited from 1966 to 1973 and from 1977 to 1979 as a regular exhibitor at Galerie Mokum Amsterdam, 1969 Member BBK, 1969 member Society Teisterbant, Haarlem, 1972 Member Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, 1974 Member Pulchri Studio The Hague, 1978 relocation Friesland, 1984-1985 member Fria Artists, 2003-2004 member Peinture Fraiche, 2004 Member Le Groupe Nevers, 2007 Member Dutch Circle Of Draughtsmen, 2012 member Crescendo, Burgundy, officially in 2002 emigrated to France, exhibited between 1966 and 2012 more than 350 times its pictures, collages, paintings, drawings and gouaches. Since 2011 a member of the International Pencil Artist Association. Practiced between 1958 and 1995 practiced sports as table tennis, lawn tennis,  boxing, three martial arts and in 1995 on his 53-th obtained first kyu kyokushinkai karate. Fred van der Wal owns a house in France and in the Netherlands.


Fred lived in Amsterdam from 1944-1978 and from 1978-2003 in Friesland where his work was boycotted by government, colleagues, and galleries, since 2009 he lieves in St. Annaparo chie. The artist is not recognized by the Frisian center for visual arts Keunstwurk and has no friends among Frisian artists. He maintains 3 weblogs  and wrote from 2006-2012 in the left wing Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. In preparation short stories, essays and catalogs. He wrote a foreword for stories of Isis Nedloni.






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