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"Growing up"


Remember when we were young

and lost love was the heaviest burden of all


When we would cry endlessly about things we were yet to learn 

and burdens we were yet to bear


When all happiness was obtained outside us

and far away from our grasp


When we would say goodbye

and travel the world trying to catch it



Remember how foolish the pain was

and how we needed to grow


How the real questions were yet to come

and the answers far out of sight


How one event made us walk the path of doubt and trust

and showed us the face of real life


How we cried and howled to turn back time

and there was no god to answer us



Remember we grew up

and learned to walk with true despair


Remember that creature of paradox

which shows transformation by tearing apart


Remember picking up our schredded pieces

and becoming familiar with true, naked fear




Remember when we arrived back and realised

we have never seen such pretty roses in our garden

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