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"In word, deed and writing"

Fred van der Wal (when a genius hits the road)  author - painter , photographer shows no mercy with fellow artist as the reader already suspected.  

He never has been a sissy of a fag.

His life and work are totally different from his fellow artists .

How is it that virtually everyone who 'left targeting police boutique correct snatched democratically immigrant toons ' thinking in line with the party politics of the party of the embarrassment and the CDA in advance excessive lack of sense of humor to the day puts , as it conversation about our controversial art artist fred van der wal going ?

They do not know - or have forgotten - that van der Wal 's ethics and beliefs are beyond this world . No Godless ideology appeals to him as a convinced creationist .

He is in some political views left, ain others right - but not at random , for giving direction in his case, at least the deep Holy Scriptures  and the N.T. although he may find it bad as SP tuner. citizen with the fat man's ration of its professed supporters

So says our ever popular author / artist so that the Middle Way in life , but also in the Watergraafsmeer anything but golden appears in the equalized European euro paradise and the wicked way still refuses to walk as an exponent of the silver sixties our brilliant art artist . He does not let them after constantly to testify from behind the geraniums in his Ole Rockin 'Chair on the porch of the hacienda Maison l' Ermitage : in word, deed and writing , but for all his books and accompany the texts are many exhibits.Our pedigree performer is therefore for this reason more infamous than famous. Only is the next one up: in his work and biography he is not holding back on this particular point . Hence, it appears that his impotent minvermogen the Critics no eyes or ears for his great way communications and qualities. Wipe and pass through so ! In his work he does not obscure his true nature through in blogs and books recorded sarcasm , but also the skepticism and cynicism , sometimes reminiscent of Celine , but mostly shaped in a shrill , going through the bone prose , handled through the hyperbole in overdrive mode combination to derive or edit patterns and patches language of fellow authors , entirely in the spirit of this so dreary time , by being often on set as loose minted gene biseksjuwele sado - masochistic god'loze bra haha wearing lingerie fetishist , seemingly a horny dog for everything , but just to put ( the reader on the wrong foot legitimate qualification by Isis Nedloni , that our old people the raskunstenaar arranged still does roar with high cooing laugh , despite his advanced age where he often by emotion affected , rush grabs the heart region ) both in words and pictures explained , hence the meta physical superlative schuwend unlike many after - ear LOGSE authors .Fred van der Wal , to his great joy is carried for many a plebeian , schmuck , bruiser and patjepejer lust of your home or a pikketanussie and a hefty wedge . Yet he remains utterly sober Dutchman Frisian ( Kollummerland ) and French ( Beau vais ) roots , coupled with a disarming gaze from his gray eyes and sees the seriousness of his art and writing too quickly overlooked. The author claims to have come through the book to write and Bukowski , Fante , Heeresma , Wolkers , van Doorn and Hermans . If prose gives the reader courage to act that is a recommendation .See ya folks ! We'll meet again some rainy day ... and in the meantime : fuck the shit outta your typewriters 


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